Does Anybody Hear Her?

"Cant see passed her scarlet letter...And theyve never even met her..." --Don't judge me. You may only see the scars, but only I know the stories behind them.

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If you wanna criticize me for being in Israel or even being Jewish, I have nothing to say to you.

I stand for what I believe in.

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Anonymous asked: Just out of genuine concern, aren't you or your family at all afraid to be in Israel, amidst all the violence? Why would you still travel there? (Not judging or being patronizing, really just wondering). You're an awesome blogger, and I'm praying for a safe rest of your trip, and a safe return home. ❤️

My family’s not here, it’s only me. Yes it is scary, to the point where I think I’m honestly developing some level of PTSD. But this is my land and I believe that I should be here. I’m nervous but I’m okay. Plus I love the program that I’m on.

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Guys today at the kindergarten where I work they were giving all the kids henna tattoos. I got one too.

Gotta love Israel.

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And what was said breakthrough?

I am happy.

Like honestly and truly happy. And I haven’t felt like this in six years. Last Thursday made 5 months with no cutting. Usually those anniversaries scare me and make me nervous. But no — I was proud of myself. I was like damn girl you almost made it to half a year. I am going through my days appreciating everything that I have and I know that I am worth so much more than all the shit I have gone through.

This is a bit confusing cuz like what happened, did a switch go off in my mind? I don’t know but I don’t care.

Is this what normal people feel like?

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One of my best friends who was a sniper in the army for two years was just called back.

What the fuck.

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