Does Anybody Hear Her?

"Cant see passed her scarlet letter...And theyve never even met her..." --Don't judge me. You may only see the scars, but only I know the stories behind them.

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I was nominated on Facebook to do the gratitude challenge.

I’m doing it on Tumblr too. For the next five days I will post 3 things I am grateful for (at least I hope I remember to). Today I am grateful for:

1) The fact that I woke up this morning in a much better place than I was last night.

2) They have Snapple in the caf this year. Woah.

3) Buy-one-get-one pumpkin spice lattes (today until the 21st!!)

I don’t know how to link to people’s pages in text posts but I’m putting you in the tags and you better do it!

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